I took my first Bikram Yoga class in 2005 in Amsterdam. I had read about in a magazine and was curious. Curious because this type of yoga sounded different and challenging. Never had I done yoga before, but was into sports a lot. Mostly running, fitness, aerobics. Looking for something to ease my racing mind, but would still be very physical, Bikram Yoga sounded like the thing for me.

And it delivered! It immediately felt like the most challenging thing a had ever done, physically and mentally.

I’ve been practicing on a regular basis ever since. I found that the yoga improved my running skills, or actually, my breathing skills, my endourance, stamina, and determination. At the same time I felt more in balance than ever before. After my second marathon in 2007 I noticed I preferred practicing yoga and I started to practice more and more and ran less and less. Finally, my hips started to open up!

In 2011 I joined the advanced seminar for a week in Malta. All classes were taught by Bikram himself. It was an amazing and very inspiring week!

Becoming a teacher was on my mind for quite some time and after the seminar I was sure that I wanted to learn more and know more about the yoga and become a teacher.

Unfortunately, fate decided differently and I had to wait. Not long after the seminar I discovered a lump in my breast. I was diagnosed with breastcancer. My world stopped... For a little while. The cancer had not spread and with an operation, radiation, and chemo I could fight it. My mind grew strong and I was determined to fight back and win. It has been a really hard time, but also a very grateful time.

Hard, because the intensive treatment not only made me weak physically, at times it made me weak mentally. The yoga helped me on many different levels! Almost every day I made it my goal to get to the hotroom and do the yoga. I could feel the heeling power and I’m conviced the yoga helped me stay strong and sane during the chemo.

Grateful, because of the support I got from my fellow students. The yoga community is a very beautiful one!

After beating the cancer I quit my job and went to Teacher Training in spring 2013. 

I want everybody to know and feel the heeling power of this yoga. Teaching is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done!

I get a chance to, hopefully, inspire others and spread the yoga again and again.