I took my first Bikram Yoga class in The Hague in 2007.  From the very first class I was in love with this practice.   Sometimes you have the feeling you just know what is right for you!  I came from a background of doing all types of sports and I had never experienced something as challenging as my first Bikram Yoga class.  It challenged my body, my mind and my ego. Every class I take, it continues to do so.

By 2009 I had practiced this yoga intensely for over two years and I knew I wanted to further my knowledge of it.   I attended Bikram’s Teacher Training Program in 2009 in Las Vegas. Spending nine weeks with Bikram himself and his inspiring wife Rajashree and 300 other students while doing a lot of yoga to become a certified instructor was an amazing and unforgettable experience.  

After I graduated from the Teacher Training Program, I was selected to represent my home country of Poland in the International Yoga Asana Championship in LA.  I went to San Francisco to prepare for the championships by training with world-renowned teacher Mary Jarvis.  Mary is someone that has inspired me in my practice since I started in 2007.  The time I spent in the US was a great experience to learn and improve my practice but also to meet other yogis with a common interest.

I truly believe if we invest our time in our physical, mental and emotional health on a regular basis through this practice we do improve our overall health and wellbeing. A practice that helps eliminate obesity, arrests the aging process, helps to deal with stress, rehabilitates old injuries and builds the immune system. It is a practice that could reduce hospital waiting lists and turn us into people who take better care for themselves.

I am grateful to be part of this growing community. Thank you Bikram & Rajashree, Mary Jarvis & Lydia Wright.