In India and Thailand I connected with Ashtanga, Yin and Tantric Yoga, while I was travelling for two years. It was my dream to travel, so in 2006 I took a sabbatical from my Marketing job. Through yoga, being among different cultures and beautiful people, this two-year period became one of the most valuable experiences of my life! I learned to really celebrate life and felt more balanced. Back in Holland Bikram Yoga challenged me the most and to this day this yoga makes me feel physically stronger and it gives me energy and confidence to face new challenges in life. Mentally it clears my mind, which has a positive effect on my creativity and intuition. Even in difficult situations, a yoga class always helps me to feel better. And best of all, yoga is FUN!

My first Bikram class left me feeling different than any other sport I had done, mostly long distance running and 15 years ballet. I felt so alive after class, I just loved it! I never thought that anything else could give that great feeling I had after a long run, Bikram yoga did - and so much more. After practicing almost two years inspired by great teachers in The Hague, I attended Teacher Training. This way I could deepen my practice, learn and share the knowledge that others gave me.  In 2012 I taught for three months at Global Yoga in San Francisco to learn from the very inspiring teacher Mary Jarvis.

After practicing and teaching for some years now, I believe this yoga is a powerful tool that can heal our body not only physically, it gives mental strength and a clear perspective on life and oneself so that we are able to see things how they are without judgment. This can encourage many of us in our life journey to follow our dreams. It amazes me to see that through yoga people are capable of things they never thought they could do.

I am very grateful to share this yoga and guide others in their practice when needed. To witness people transform and see them shine while making an effort to take care of their health is a beautiful gift.

Other than yoga, I adore South America & Cote d’Azur; I love people, dining, wining and laughing with friends, skiing, the under water nature, writing, interior design, psychology, photography and dancing till dawn…

Yoga makes you YOU