I began my yoga journey in 2004.  I attended a small traditional yoga school where we practiced a lot of hatha yoga, mantra yoga, kriya yoga and were also introduced to the philosophical side of yoga. This school had 10 day countryside intensive retreats.  It was on these retreats that I realized yoga would always be a very important part of my life.

However, life changes and so do schedules.  Soon I had to focus my attention more to work and my studies. I continued with my regular yoga practice, but not as much as before.  I was lucky if I squeezed in 2 yoga classes per week.

By 2011 I held 2 degrees; one in IT and one in economics. I had worked as a web-programmer, freelance photographer and other miscellaneous jobs.  The years of stress, unhealthy diet and a general lack of mental tranquility in my life took its toll on my mind and body. 

It was at this time I was introduced to Bikram Yoga.  I was given an introductory week to try it out.  I took 6 classes in a row and then bought myself a 3-month membership.  I had found something very powerful, transforming and enlightening. Every class was a struggle.  Every class I died, but after I felt as though I was born again, resurrected.

I was so excited by what a daily practice did for my life and general well being that I decided to attend the teacher training in Los Angeles. Since graduating from this program I have taught in Riga and Moscow and now most recently Rotterdam.

For me every class is not about comfort or drifting away and escaping life's problems.  It's about leaving my comfort zone for the unknown, going beyond my boundaries (physically and mentally) but at the same time staying very focused. For me, it’s about facing my problems, not running away.  How I handle difficulties in class gives me the power and knowledge of how to handle them in my life.