In 2005, my senior year of college, I took an Iyengar course for graduation requirements which ignited an insatiable desire to bend and stretch. From then on I dabbled in various styles of yoga including Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. In August 2008 I took my first Bikram class in Merritt Island, Florida.


My first class was a sweaty blur. All I remember is walking out feeling like a million bucks. I bought a month of unlimited yoga and went back the next day for more. Shortly after, I moved to Den Haag where I continued to practice, attended seminars by Mary Jarvis and Rajashree Choudhury and participated in my first Yoga Asana Championship, all of which led me to Bikram’s teacher training program in 2010 in San Diego. Upon my graduation I travelled to San Francisco to spend a short time to study with Mary Jarvis at Global Yoga, where I also taught my first class. The following month I taught where I took my first Bikram class in Merritt Island, FL and a neighboring studio Bikram Yoga Spacecoast in Titusville, FL.  January 2011 I returned to The Netherlands to continue learning and teaching this amazing yoga.


I came to yoga with a lot of issues that I had previously decided to just "live with." Day by day and month by month things started to change. Now I can proudly say my hypothyroidism is cured, cholesterol is healthy, my lower back pain from years of gymnastics is gone, I have a regular menstrual cycle, I am less of a spaz, I require less sleep and food and I am almost never sick. Best of all I have learned to be kinder and more compassionate to myself while understanding the power of the present moment and the ramifications of choosing to live in it. Still working on that one.


The best part of Bikram's genius yoga series is that it's accessible to people of any age or condition. No one is exempt from the healing benefits. I am so grateful to be a teacher; I never stop learning and I never stop seeing students heal their own physical, mental and emotional lives.