I was born in Sun Valley, Idaho, a ski resort in the western US. I knew about Bikram Yoga from my mother as a little child. It was fun to do some of the poses at home but I never wanted to do any more; I was too busy ski-racing up until I finished university. If I wasn’t skiing, I was playing volleyball, tennis or mountain bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing and waterskiing, and even ran a marathon to raise money for leukemia research. 

In 1999 a friend urged me to try a Bikram class. I loved it. A car accident seven years earlier had fractured three vertebrae, leaving me in constant pain despite months of intense physiotherapy. Doctors suggested surgery but I decided I would rather live with the pain. 

After my second Bikram class I could feel the pain was less. I was hooked. For the next four years I trained with world-renowned Bikram Yoga instructor, Mary Jarvis, before attending Bikram’s Teacher Training Program in 2003.

Before opening my first studio in Den Haag in 2006, I taught for Therese Aartsen who opened the first Bikram Yoga school in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam. This was the second Bikram Yoga school in The Netherlands.  Two years later I opened Bikram Yoga Rotterdam. 

I have two passions; one is doing this amazing yoga, and the other is teaching it. Every day when I take class, I learn something and I learn even more when I see others do it.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people discover their own power, letting go of fear, and transforming who they are both physically and emotionally. To contribute to that transformation is truly incredible.