I was introduced to the world of yoga by a friend in 2010. I took a few classes and right away liked the way that I felt and wanted to do more. The teacher happened to be going on holiday so I started doing some research online and came across Bikram Yoga. It sounded very appealing but at the same time very different from the 3 classes I had just experienced; a more relaxing kind of yoga that made you feel like you were walking on clouds after class. Nevertheless this Bikram Yoga seemed to be a challenge and something I wanted to try.


I tried my first class in The Hague and was hooked right away. I didn't walk on clouds after class, it was an entirely different experience, very challenging and appealing. I loved the sweating, the feeling you're actually putting your body to work, the stretching and contracting of muscles, the discipline and the necessity to focus. I admired the teachers, who looked so energized after practicing themselves. Reading Bikram Choudhury's book gave me hope, realizing I was not the only one who was struggling in the beginning.


After a month I started practicing regularly and bought my first monthly unlimited lesson card. After half a year I dreamed about becoming a teacher. I practiced six times a week on average and after 22 months, since my first class, I finished my second 100 day challenge, attended the 8th Dutch Bikram Yoga Championship and went to the Teacher Training Spring 2012 in Los Angeles. After the training I went to Mary Jarvis' school in San Francisco. She took the time to teach, gave me the opportunity to train under her guidance and let me teach my first classes at her school. And the story continues...


Overall Bikram Yoga has changed my breathing, stamina, responsiveness and strength. Since I'm teaching too, Bikram Yoga has in fact changed my life. What I like most about teaching is playing a small part in helping people to help themselves. Knowing that whether you're healthy or not, if Bikram Yoga is a challenge for you, by practicing Bikram Yoga you will make yourself a better person; physically, mentally and spiritually.