I took my first Bikram Yoga class May 9th, 2009.  I remember it well.  My girlfriend, Lo-Fei (also now a teacher) was doing Bikram Yoga for a couple of months and I noticed after every class she was super happy.  I had done a yearlong course of regular Hatha yoga and I had found it a bit boring.  Never mind the fact that I was stiff as a board and a bit overweight, even after a year of this practice and a very sportive lifestyle.  She tried many times to get me to come to class with her but I refused because I thought it would be the same boring stuff that was difficult for me and didn’t bring me any change.  Then Lo-Fei said that she thought I would not even be able to finish one single Bikram class and that I was too chicken to try.  This of course made me rise to the occasion (hind sight I can see she knew exactly what she was doing) so I decided to go and take class with her.

During my first class I remember thinking I would die right there on my yoga mat in that hot room and never make it to the end class.  But I did the whole class, stayed in the room and did every posture.  After taking my well-deserved shower I felt great.  So I decided to do more classes.  I was stiff and overweight and I saw everybody going in and out of postures like it was nothing.  I wanted that too for myself so after my first class I bought a 20-lesson card and after that a monthly unlimited card and have practices the yoga nearly everyday since.

Since that first class in 2009 and up to know I have changed my life and continue to do so.  I have lost over 20 kilos and continue to loose more, I stopped smoking, I am more relaxed and I have more energy.  I participated in the 2010 Dutch Yoga Asana Championships, which involved an intensive training program in addition to my regular yoga practice of 6 days per week.  It was amazing the changes I saw in myself both physically and mentally.  I really wanted to continue on this path of change so it felt natural to set my goal on attending Bikram’s teacher training program.  In 2011 I attended Bikram’s teacher training program.

What I love about teaching is seeing people improve and witness them realizing their improvements.  I continue to learn about teaching and my own practice everyday.