My first Bikram Yoga class was in Amsterdam. I remember it being a special time in my life. I was invited to yoga by a close friend and those first classes were like stepping into a whole new area of life.

The classes were a big challenge. How can I just keep standing, or simply breathe? The physical and mental challenge of this practice was and is so present, so immediate, that you can’t deny it. 

Once I finished  a class and stepped outside I felt a great lightness of being. For a few moments I was completely still! Although I believe every path and all forms of yoga have their place, this form is what impacted me, and invited me to go deeper. 

After Lydia opened a Bikram Yoga studio in The Hague, in 2006, I began practicing on a daily basis. In the two years that followed, my future job plans slowly faded. I realized that what I actually wanted to do, I was already doing.  Although I was not a natural talent at standing in front of groups of people at all, going to the Teacher Training Program in 2008 still felt a natural thing to do, and a logical next step for me to take. 

Practicing and teaching throughout the last couple of years, I find myself continuously growing in awareness. Having a regular yoga practice, makes you take a closer look at everything, body, thoughts, habits, emotions, food, relationships and actually all the things that seem to define your life. 

It has brought me more sense of aliveness in general, an almost childlike sense of wonder. I feel more present in my body, and I have more clarity of mind and a better focus than before.

As a teacher I’m very grateful to be of help to anyone who uses this practice for his/her benefits. And it’s a true reward to see people making the effort of time, work, money to have a regular yoga practice and to see them change. In general people become more radiant, and filled with life. It’s a big joy to be a small part of that!