I remember my first Bikram Yoga class very well.  It was 5 March 2006 and I did everything Lydia told me not to.  A friend had been asking me for months to attend a class in Amsterdam.  He was absolutely convinced Bikram Yoga would help me solve my back pain, I wasn’t.  My spine was a wreck.   And as a solution to the pain I was in 24/7, I just stopped moving. 

It was around the time Lydia opened her studio in The Hague when my neurosurgeon suggested major surgery to my spine. I freaked, and ran straight into the Bikram studio that had opened around the corner of my house.  Walking out of my first class I felt my heels burning in the earth, and my lungs like I never did before. However, best of all was the fact that I wasn’t in as much pain as I expected.  I came back and never left.

I must say patience and determination are my two best friends while practicing this yoga. Taking class has been tough on me. I had no stamina, no strength, or flexibility. 

I will always remember Mary Jarvis’ words  … “The body is so willing to change.” It did.

If anyone had told me seven years ago I would be able to move the way I do now and be pain-free for most of the time, I would have never believed it in a million years.  I attended the Teacher Training Program in Spring 2010. I cannot imagine doing anything else. This yoga keeps me healthy, sane, and deepens my awareness every day. I feel grateful and blessed as a teacher.

Aside from practicing and teaching this yoga, I love food; growing, cooking and eating it.