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These are the terms and conditions applicable to the establishment and implementation of all agreements between Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV and users of the facilities and services of Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV are closed. The terms also include rules for the use of the facilities of Bikram Yoga The Hague and serve as bylaws. The specific conditions for online sales in separate terms and conditions.


1. "Bikram Yoga" is the form of hatha yoga that is practiced in a heated to about 40 degrees Celsius room where a 90-minute lesson consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a fixed order.

2. "BYDH" is the abbreviation of the private company with limited liability Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV.

3. "Les" is a lesson offered by BYDH in Bikram yoga in her studio.

4. "Studio" is the space where BYDH offers her lessons.

5. "Participant" is the natural person not acting in the exercise of a profession or business and who enters into an agreement with respect to the classes offered by BYDH. In order to qualify as a participant is required that the person has completed a Registration of BYDH and that this registration was subsequently accepted by BYDH and has a valid lesson card.

6. "Registration" is the registration form (paper or electronic) that the person who wants to participate in the lessons of BYDH completely fill in before being able to participate in a first lesson.

7. 'lesson card "registration by BYDH the number of lessons that the participant can follow during a specified period.

8. "Tuition" is the amount payable by the participant for the lesson card.

9. "Some lesson" is registered by BYDH which the participant only on the registered day can follow all classes offered.

10. "General Conditions" are the general conditions and are part of each participant with BYDH by the agreement (s). They will be made available when completing the registration and published on the website of BYDH. In online marketing refers explicitly to the terms and conditions on the website and when placing an order, the customer accepts and / or participant the terms and conditions. BYDH reserves the right to change these terms during the year if this is necessary for its operations. Changes will be published on the website of BYDH. Participants are expected to visit this website to take notice of any changes.

11. "Website" means: www.bikramnl.nl.


1.Deelname the lessons is possible after a registration has been completed, it has been accepted by BYDH and a lesson card is paid.

2.Acceptatie of participation is entirely and solely at the discretion of BYDH.

3.Deelname is no longer possible after the expiry of the lesson card has expired or otherwise the possibility of participation in accordance with the terms and conditions has ended.

4.De participant is obliged to make any interim changes of address and / or email to inform BYDH.

5.For determine the end date of the lesson cards (including some lesson cards) constitutes the date is not the date of purchase, but the date of the (first) lesson is followed by that card.

6.A lesson card in any form is strictly personal and not transferable.

7.BYDH reserves the right to charge a participant access to the studio and / or participation in classes (temporarily or otherwise) to refuse and / or not to extend a lesson card or lesson cards if the person in breach of the terms and conditions, including the household rules, acts and / or the person acts in contravention of the (other) BYDH interests, including the interests of other participants. In case of temporary or permanent termination of participation on those grounds void any rights attached to relevant lesson card. The person has in relevant cases not entitled to a refund of the (remaining) tuition.

8.Informatie about the kinds of lesson cards and their prices is available in the studio (s) and are listed on the website. BYDH has the right at any time to adjust the lesson cards types and their prices. Price adjustments are not applicable to already supplied lesson cards.

9.Behoudens if the Dutch legislation so provides exists no right of substitution of tuition other than in cases where the general conditions are expressly possible.

10.BYDH entitled to teaching times at its sole discretion and adapt to change. These changes will be published on the website and, as much as possible, given in the studio (s). Participants are expected to consult the site before taking part in a lesson.

Using the facilities of the studio

1.De contained in this article are rules for the use of the studio and serve as internal rules as such. BYDH reserves the right to separate from these conditions an (additional) draw up internal rules that are binding for all participants and users of the facilities BYDH. This (additional) rules will be for information clearly in the studio.

2. A participant has the right to close the studio partly or wholly for lessons and otherwise use during the opening of the studio to make use of the facilities offered and / or classes except for the right of BYDH if this is necessary for cleaning , maintenance and / or other reasons in the interests of the studio or BYDH.

3.BYDH reserves the right to adjust the lesson and / or schedules and / or the layout of the teachers.

4.Lessen begin promptly at the times indicated. Participants must be present well in advance to allow sufficient time to get dressed and to enter the yoga room before the lesson begins.

5.Deelnemers younger than 16 years may only participate in classes and / or use other facilities of the studio when accompanied by an adult and has been granted prior consent for BYDH.

6.De classes are physically strenuous and data in a space heated continuously during the lesson is to about 40 degrees Celsius. Participants must be set prior to participating in a class at the height of which include classes to decide whether he / she is able to participate in a lesson. The participant shall submit to consult the website and if further information is required, to turn to teachers BYDH.

7.De teachers BYDH have no medical training. They can not therefore determine whether and participant physically or otherwise fit to participate in the lessons. Participants who have doubts about it must first seek the advice of a physician win on whether participation in classes endangers their health.

8.De participant follows the lessons at your own risk. The participant declares and by filling out the registration card that he / she is in good physical condition wrong and that he / she is not aware of any medical condition which he / she must be deemed not to be able to the lesson (s ) to participate and / or that the lessons may adversely affect the health and / or physical condition of the participant. The above statement is true for each time the participant takes part in lessons. If there is a change in the physical and / or medical situation of the participant that affects this statement, the participant must BYDH without delay and prior to the lesson (s) to inform. If the participant is under medical treatment, he / she should discuss the participation in the lesson (s) with its handler. This is particularly true for people who have undergone a (recent) surgery, pregnant and / or have chronic health problems.

9.The is not allowed to participate in classes under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs and / or use of medications.

10.De participant needs before, during and after class (es) the instructions of teachers and other employees of BYDH strictly follow.

11.The participant is not permitted, except with the permission and instruction and because BYDH order before, during or after the lesson (s) in the studio more and / or other yoga exercises. If the participant proceeds to do so without the aforementioned authorization is any damage and / or injury / that it is due to the expense and risk of the participant without this leading to any (shared) liability BYDH.

12.Tijdens classes, the studio closed. There are no lockable lockers.

13.Deelnemers during lessons should wear only clothes that fit for the lessons. BYDH reserves the right to refuse participation if the participant is not wearing the appropriate clothing, to be judged by the staff BYDH. The participant may at any time ask the staff BYDH advice on what clothing is appropriate. Underwear, lingerie and bikinis are considered by BYDH as unsuitable.

14.When the lesson beverages other than water (without carbon dioxide) is not allowed. Eat during class is not permitted.

15.The participant is not allowed to after class in yoga clothes right outside (front) to keep the studio.

16.The is not allowed to wear shoes in the locker room and the room where the classes. The participant has to open his / her footwear in the front of the studio before entering the dressing room.

17.Tijdens classes should have the participant of a BYDH approved by yoga mat and towel. The towel is for the class to cover the entire yoga mat.

18.The in the entire studio at all times strictly forbidden to smoke and / or consume alcoholic beverages.

19.De participant declares by signing the registration agreement with the internal regulations of BYDH and / or (other) reasonable guidelines set by or on behalf BYDH regarding safety of the participants and / or the management of BYDH (whether or not in writing) data, whether or not an additional bylaws.

monthly subscription

1.Deelnemers have the option to subscribe to lessons by automatic monthly payment. A subscription can be purchased online and / or in the studio. This section of these terms refers only to these subscriptions.

2. Each participant who purchase the right to classes obtained by means of a subscription with it the right to take part in a certain number of classes depending on the type of subscription is purchased. The specifications of the subscription to be available in the studio (s) and on the website. This right lessons expire the day after the end date of the subscription, or if there is a payment of more than 30 days. Participant shall survive termination pay the remaining subscription fee.

3. A subscription is valid for a minimum of 3 (three) months. A subscription for less than three months is not possible.

4.The subscription will start only after the first monthly payment by BYDH is received.

5.Betaling done by automatic bank transfer. The participant BYDH BYDH authorizes the agreed monthly amount of his / her bank account to leave off writing. The date of depreciation each subsequent month on the day the lesson card originally began. For each failed debit the participant an amount of 10, - Euro payable.

6.The subscription to the first three months not (prematurely) be terminated. After three months, the subscription continues indefinitely until terminated by legal termination. Cancellation must be made in writing to BYDH. Email has to apply in writing. There is a notice period of one month.

7.A competitor who has purchased a subscription has the ability to 1 times per year (12 months) the subscription for up to 1 month (not less) to suspend. For suspending an amount of 25, - Euro payable.

8.Abonnementsgeld is payable regardless of whether the participant actually following classes and / or otherwise make use of the facilities of the studio.

9.The subscription fee can be adjusted by BYDH during the subscription. The participant of any changes at least 30 days informed in advance.


1.BYDH encourages participants to express any valuables (such as, but not limited to, jewelry and money) to take to the studio. The abandonment of property (including clothing) by the participant in the dressing room or other space in the studio before, during or after the lesson at your own risk of the participant. BYDH and / or its employees and / or its auxiliary persons shall not be liable for loss and / or damage and / or theft of any property of the participant or outside the studio unless this loss, theft and / or damage is result of intent or gross negligence of BYDH, its employees and / or its auxiliary persons.

2.Vergeten or consciously in the studio abandoned affairs of participants are stored and collected by BYDH 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, the cases are thrown out by BYDH without any right to compensation for the participant or liability exists for BYDH otherwise.

3.BYDH and / or its employees and / or are not liable by its auxiliary persons (the consequences of) death, injury or illness of a participant during a class and / or in the studio and / or otherwise in or through the using the facilities of BYDH unless death, disease and / or injury action is a direct result of intentional or gross negligence of BYDH and / or its employees and / or its auxiliary persons.

4.BYDH is not liable for any damage as a result of adaptation of the teaching periods and / or the cancellation of lessons for any reason whatsoever.

5.Aansprakelijkheid of BYDH and / or its employees is limited to the extent of the amount paid by the liability insurance of BYDH in relevant cases.


BYDH will the (personal) information solely to process the participant in accordance with its privacy policy. The website includes a privacy statement.


1. Timetable and other information about the courses can be adjusted by BYDH. These adjustments are published in the studio and on the website.

2. Participants should change addresses and e-mail address (es) to BYDH writing (or by email) to pass.

3. The participant BYDH express consent to send him / her messages via e-mail, including seized changes and / or additions to the terms and conditions and other regulations.

4. All communications between BYDH and the participant can take place by e-mail unless the agreement and / or the terms and conditions and / or by law expressly provides otherwise. By BYDH saved version of the relevant communication serve as evidence of absence of proof of the participant.

5. The participant BYDH permission to make his / her photos and / or video recordings (individually or in a group) while using the facilities of BYDH to use it for advertising purposes. If a participant does not wish to give such consent, he / she should make clear to BYDH this expressly in writing.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1. All agreements to which these general conditions apply is governed by Dutch law unless mandatory law provides otherwise.

2. Disputes over and under all agreements to which these conditions apply shall be submitted to the competent court in The Hague.


If a competent court reaches the opinion that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, waiver of provision in general terms, but the remaining terms and conditions apply. The participant and BYDH vote with it in that such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision in these conditions as far as possible be replaced by one which has substantially the same economic and commercial implications as the original provision. If a competent court comes to the judgment that any provision of these terms partly illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the provision shall continue to be the part that this was lawful, valid and enforceable.

entire Agreement

The overall participation in lessons and privacy constitute the entire agreement between the participant and BYDH and replace all prior commitments and agreements.

data BYDH

Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV

Prince Henry Square 2

2518 JA Den Haag

Conditions of online sales to consumers of Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV

These are general conditions applicable to the sale and supply of goods and services by the private company Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV to consumers via the website www.bikramnl.com


1. "General Conditions" means the terms and conditions for online sales of products and services to consumers.

2. "BYDH": the private company with limited liability Bikram Yoga Den Haag BV, established in The Hague at the Prince Henry Square number 20, registered at the Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden under number 27,278,984

3. "Agreement" means the distance contract whereby part of a by BYDH organized system for distance selling of products and services to the conclusion of the agreement exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication. The agreement between BYDH and the customer is fixed in the form, terms and conditions and the confirmation email that BYDH send it to the email address provided by the customer after receipt of the form.

4. "Form" means the electronic document by which one or more products and / or services online by the customer at BYDH be ordered and where a description is included of the ordered products and / or services.

5. "Customer" means any natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business with whom BYDH has an agreement or who has visited BYDH website.

6. "Force Majeure" means any external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, which BYDH no influence, but which the fulfillment of its obligations can not reasonably be required BYDH.


1. These general conditions apply to all offers, deliveries and invoices BYDH to the customer, all orders from the customer BYDH and all contracts and other legal acts between BYDH and the customer.

2. These terms also apply to any use that the customer makes the website BYDH.

3. In addition to the general conditions may be additional terms and conditions apply (such as special terms and conditions) on certain products and / or services and whether or not a specific period indicated. However, this applies only if and insofar as expressly stated otherwise in the BYDH website.

4. BYDH will ensure that these terms and conditions or to be made available at the conclusion of the agreement electronically to the customer. The customer is responsible for the (optional) storing and printing of the General Conditions and the agreement on a durable medium through the facilities available on the website, as well as for the (permanent) accessibility of the saved copy.

5. Without prejudice to any self BYDH existing legal obligations to the contract and / or save the general conditions BYDH is not obligated to any archived agreement and whether the terms and conditions at any time for the customer to keep available.

6. If the customer refers to its terms and conditions, those conditions do not apply unless BYDH has agreed in writing.

7. BYDH reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and / or supplement.

8. If for any reason any provision of these Terms and Conditions is wholly or partially invalid, wholly or partially unenforceable, or is ineffective, then the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions remain in full force. BYDH can then engage in dialogue to agree a new provision that most closely matches and takes into account the purpose and intent of the invalid, void or ineffective provision declared.

Conclusion of an agreement

1. The presentation of products and services BYDH holds only an informal overview of the products and services offered in BYDH. The picture and description of products (and services) the customer provides only the possibility to place an order online and serves as an invitation to make an offer. After the customer has placed an order, the customer receives a confirmation that the order was received. This acknowledgment does not constitute acceptance of the order. Each agreement is entered into under the condition precedent of sufficient availability of the relevant Product ("while supplies last"). Each order is subject to acceptance by BYDH. Acceptance is confirmed to the customer by BYDH an e-mail confirming that the product has been shipped. By sending this email with the confirmation of shipment, the agreement between the customer and BYDH established.

2. The agreement only covers the products and / or services for which the dispatch in the email is confirmed. BYDH is not obliged to supply other products that the customer ordered differently than after the shipment of the products separately confirmed in the aforementioned manner.

3. BYDH reserves the right online using the form placed orders not to accept. Such determination may by BYDH discretion and be taken without further explanation. When BYDH not accept such an online order, the customer in the shortest possible time on that will be informed.

4. Information, images, notices, descriptions, advertisements, price indications, etc. on the website of BYDH, by e-mail or other communication regarding all products and important features of the products are as accurate as possible or done. BYDH does not guarantee that all products and deals fully with the information given consistent. Slight deviations can not lead to compensation and / or (partial) dissolution.

Price and payment

1. at the time of the order prevailing price of a product and / or service is denominated in Euros including VAT but excluding any statutory disposal fees and excluding shipping and delivery costs. The rate of VAT and the amount thereof, as well as other costs, will be separately stated on the invoice.

2. If the VAT rate changes between the date of the order and the delivery of the ordered product, the customer must pay the amended VAT rate, unless the customer relevant products and / or services already paid in full before the date when the new VAT rate became effective.

3. Obvious errors in price or description of a product as stated on the website BYDH can be corrected by BYDH even after the order has been placed. However, if the customer based on the incorrect price and / or description to enter into the agreement decided, he can still this Agreement within seven (7) days after canceling BYDH has communicated this error to the client.

4. The prices of products and / or cost of shipping and delivery may at any time be changed by BYDH. This does not apply if BYDH regarding the order has already sent a shipping confirmation.

5. Orders through the website can pay the customer through the payment options listed specifically on the website. BYDH can extend those capabilities. New payment options are always made known through the website.

6. Certain payment options can be used only if the conditions of the relevant payment options are met, such as a possible check on creditworthiness of the customer and authentication and authorization of the customer. If such conditions, it will be clearly stated on the website.

7. In the event that payment using a chosen by a third party issued credit card or using an electronic payment method, then this the conditions of the credit card company or bank to apply. In the relationship between the card issuer and / or bank BYDH is not a party.

8. A possible cash on delivery payment contact occurs, or as determined by the carrier payment.

9. If the customer does not, not timely or not fully considered its payment obligation is satisfied he is legally in default and it is up to BYDH amount owed, plus calculated with an interest rate of 1.5% per month on the amount due from the customer amount immediately due and payable without further notice or summons by which part of a month as a whole month, from the date when payment should be made until the date of full payment. If the payment by BYDH is arguably greater damage than the customer is liable for the damage against BYDH.

10. If BYDH forced to proceed to collect its claim on the customer, the customer is liable for all judicial and extrajudicial costs. These charges are then determined on the basis of the currently applicable statutory provisions and regulations of the government.

1. BYDH delivers the products to the delivery address given by the customer. The customer must specify in the order or the delivery address is the same billing address. A different delivery address is possible.

2. Delivery can take place only within the Netherlands. Delivery of products is performed by a BYDH by requested carrier.

3. Orders will be delivered as soon as possible after the order by e-mail and the customer is fixed and processed payment method chosen by the customer. If the confirmation e-mail BYDH those listed, will take the place of delivery on the date indicated. Each delivery indicated by BYDH is an indication and never a deadline.

4. The shipping and delivery that is to meet customer is stated on the website.

5. Once a product has been delivered to the customer, the risk of it goes to the customer.


1. Notwithstanding actual delivery to the customer, remains BYDH owner of the product sold as long as the customer does not (fully) meet its payment obligations in respect of any BYDH has met with BYDH agreement. Under these commitments also include the costs and interest the customer in connection with the breach of his obligations to BYDH is due.

Right of withdrawal

1. When purchasing a product and / or service, the customer has the option to terminate without giving reasons for seven (7) days after receipt of the relevant product or service in question. If the customer of his right of withdrawal wish to use it is sufficient that he the product in time, therefore, within seven working days of receipt, return transmitter to BYDH after requesting the return via the website.

2. The right of withdrawal lapses if the product is used. Opened consumables are also excluded from withdrawal.

3. During the term of the right of withdrawal, the customer will handle the product and its packaging. If he exercises his right of withdrawal, he will return the product, while all accessories and components are complete and undamaged as new in their original, undamaged packaging BYDH according to the instructions provided by BYDH. In case of damage to the product and / or packaging is the customer liable for this damage.

4. Cost of return shipment shall be borne by the customer.

5. If the product purchased a subscription, is that the right of withdrawal has expired once this subscription is used by the customer. Revocation of a subscription can only by written notice or by e-mail within the period to BYDH.

6. If the customer has timely exercised his right of withdrawal and has also complied with the above under 3 then carries BYDH ensure repayment within thirty (30) days of the amount that the customer BYDH respect of relevant product has met.

7. The cost of return shipment shall be borne by the customer.


BYDH will (personal) data of the customer only process in accordance with its privacy policy. The website includes a privacy statement.